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Fontemagna Compact Fizz 150L

R 2 616.25 p/m INCL VAT
The Fontemagna Compact fits all standard counters (60cm) with a top opening and double cooling coil for still and sparkling water. It has many of the same features as the professional carbonator - Fontemagna Steel- including a glass touch screen.
• With only a 59cm depth, including drip tray, it fits all standard counters (60cm)
• Top opening for easy access (no need to move the cooler for maintenance).
• Well insulated ice-bank for high volume supply of cold, still and sparkling water: 50lt per hour (80lt running water)
  for filling bottles, carafes etc.
• Double cooling-coil, one for cold still water the other for sparkling.
• 3 dispensing options: chilled still & sparkling water, room temperature water 
• Professional carbonator in stainless steel.
• Self-diagnostic alarm in case of lack of mains water or empty CO2 cylinder.
• Both the body and internal parts of the cooler are entirely made of stainless steel, with plastic parts kept to an   absolute minimum.Thanks to the quality of the materials used,     e.g. steel, aluminium and glass, the entire machine is   easily recyclable
• Drip tray included (also available upon request with drain).
• Internal storage space for filtration cartridges.
• Glass touch screen commands,for ease of use and hygiene.
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